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About Us
 we believe that the body is the most influential factor in communication


 Our goal is to empower individuals by developing a stronger nonverbal presence and a greater sense of body awareness. We demystify the concepts of body language and nonverbal behavior and uncover how we can utilize this knowledge to influence our inner and outer narratives.

Karla Beltchenko founded The Narrative Body to empower individuals, groups, and businesses to find an authentic and confident nonverbal presence and connect and communicate with others on a deeper level. This journey began in 2008 when Miss Beltchenko developed body awareness classes that were taught in three-star Michelin-rated restaurants and luxury hotels. Since then, these classes have grown and evolved into The Narrative Body, expanding our scope to accommodate corporate clients, organizations, and one-to-one clients. 

What sets us apart from other professional development coaching and soft skills training is the focus on the mind-body connection. We look to the body as the primary vehicle for communication, uncovering fundamental nonverbal skills that are too often overlooked. We take the time to detail the power behind anatomical awareness and understanding of one's body and discuss emerging research in the field of nonverbal communication and body language studies. 

After working with The Narrative, Body will begin to notice a shift in how you sit, stand, and interact with others; this will permeate into your personal and professional life, allowing you to exude confidence to stand out from the crowd. 


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