"Our body tells a story,

it reveals what we are currently thinking and feeling.

Through The Narrative Body training we bring awareness to the powerful nature of nonverbal tendencies and uncover how we can utilize this knowledge to influence our inner and outer narrative."

The Narrative Body Founder 
Karla Beltchenko


At The Narrative Body, we believe that the body, rather than words, is the most influential factor in communication.

The way we sit, stand, walk, talk, and gesture have far-reaching implications on how we are perceived by others. However, accumulating research also indicates our body language impacts our inner narrative, which ultimately influences our mood, energy, emotions, and interactions. 

When our body and vocal messages don't match, there is a disconnect in the line of communication; our actions will always speak louder than our words. Therefore, our mission at The Narrative Body is to give you the tools to uncover the power of body language and nonverbal tendencies giving you the advantage of being able to connect with others personally and professionally. 

Our sessions begin with a focus on the powerful nature of our bodies made visible through one's gestures, postures, movements, and nonverbal aspects of speech. Through interactive discussions, group exercises, and one to one coaching, you will learn how to become a more effective and authentic non-verbal communicator.


The Narrative Body curriculum was established based on the research conducted by founder Karla Beltchenko whose background in social science, dance performance, Laban Movement Analysis, and nonverbal research has given The Narrative Body a genuinely unique perspective.

What sets us apart from other professional development coaching and soft skills training is the focus on the mind-body connection. We look to the body as the primary vehicle for communication, uncovering fundamental nonverbal skills that are too often overlooked. We take the time to detail the power behind the anatomical understanding of one's body, nonverbal awareness, and the power of observation.

Over time you will begin to notice a shift in the way you sit, stand and interact with others; this will permeate into your personal and professional lives, allowing you to stand out from the crowd. 


How may we help you?

Now offering virtual sessions!

June 01, 2020

We work with clients on developing nonverbal skills for success in the virtual space. Learn to be more comfortable presenting behind the camera, and incorporate fundamental nonverbal skills to help you and your team connect and communicate better during video conferences. One to one and group sessions available. 

Corporate Training

Each Narrative Body training will encompass the physical and mental aspects of body language and nonverbal communication that will render stronger employee morale, productivity, and professionalism. Technology has changed the way we communicate over the past decade. Because of this shift, when we do have face to face communication our nonverbal skills are less refined. Implementing team training in body awareness, mindful leadership and nonverbal communication will not only benefit employee performance and retention it will also improve authentic, thoughtful and confident interactions with others. We work with each company to understand the brand ideology and the type of experience they would like to offer their employees and clients. In turn, training sessions are customized to meet organizational goals.

One to One Coaching

We empower individuals to help them find their authentic self through the power of nonverbal communication and body language. We work with individuals on a case by case basis to bring forward their body awareness and nonverbal strengths. Our sessions cover a variety of topics including:

  • Public speaking coaching

  • Improve your on-camera presence

  • Building Nonverbal confidence

  • Executive presence

  • Career transition training

  • Presentation preparation

  • Interview preparation

  • How to own and read your room

Customer Experience and Hospitality

We have worked with luxury hotels as well as Michelin rated restaurants to establish the power of body awareness within their service culture. Implementing The Narrative Body training will transform the way employees and customers experience service. We work with management to develop nonverbal service standards within the organization. These standards are then put into practice through group training exercises which focus on the physical and mental implications of these standards becoming habitual within the culture of the company. Instituting nonverbal customer experience training will differentiate your company, your staff, and your brand, allowing your service quality to rise above the competition.

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Karen K

London UK

These classes were exactly what I was looking for. My friends noticed the difference it made in my confidence. Karla is a complete professional at what she does, so I would highly recommend her services to anyone!

Dawid Klimek

 Argent Restaurant Manager Dana Hotel and Spa Chicago

This is what luxury should be; the best accommodations and every need met before you knew you needed it by the staff, which is meticulous, elegant and more then happy to assist. I would recommend Ms Beltchenko’s [Narrative Body] classes to anyone, for yourself or for your business as it will give you confidence and most of all elegance. 


I look forward to bring training  by Ms Beltchenko to my restaurant and any venture I will be involved in.  

Vincent Burneikis

V.P. of Hospitality for Caruso

Karla is fantastic! She has a unique ability to train people on elegance without an ounce of pretention. I highly recommend her services for any guest facing position.



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