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About our Founder


Karla Beltchenko, founder and director of the Narrative Body, has dedicated her life to studying the nuance and intricacies of human movement. Her goal is to help individuals uncover the power they hold within their bodies and give them the tools to connect and communicate on a deeper level.

Karla Beltchenko The Narrative Body

She began her career as a professional dancer, later transitioning into movement research, yoga, and other wellness modalities. During this time, she became passionate about sharing her knowledge about the finer art of body language. She went on to found The Narrative Body, a coaching and consulting program that teaches professionals, groups, and businesses about the power of body awareness and nonverbal behavior.


Ms. Beltchenko holds an MFA in creative practice from Trinity Laban Conservatory of Music and Dance in London, UK. During her MFA, Ms. Beltchenko continued her studies on the subject “how the body carries and story” using Laban Movement Analysis as a tool to investigate ways we can understand movement in ourselves and others.


She also holds a BS in social work from Western Illinois University, where she focused on studying Dance Movement Therapy. Ms. Beltchenko is highly dedicated to continued education and expanding her knowledge about human movement physiologically and psychologically. She holds certifications Yoga (RYT 200), Personal Training (ACE), Pre and Postnatal specialist, and Group Fitness. 

A celebrated teacher in the Chicago area, Ms. Beltchenko has taught, spoken, and performed throughout the United States, Europe, and Asia. She has been a contributing expert to Equinox’s Furthermore, and and continues to investigate, research, and explore the interpretation of human movement and its profound impact on our lives.

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